Cutting Bay

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Owner / Men's Stylist

Hi I am the co-owner of the family run business 'Cutting Bay', I have been doing hairdressing for over 25 years and enjoy interacting with the public and getting to know people.


Women's Stylist

Hello i'm Cansu, I have been here for 4 years, I started as a junior and worked my way up! 
I enjoy coming up with new ideas and being creative with clients & my own hair! I love my job and filling the salon with 
my infectious laugh!

Money does buy Happiness..

It's called a hair appointment!



Owner / Men's & Women's Stylist

Hi I am the co-owner of the family run business 'Cutting Bay', I enjoy my job and love working with public and meeting different people everyday. I have been doing hair for over 25 years and I still enjoy it.


Women's Stylist

Hey I'm Des, I have been at Cutting Bay for just under 2 years now after finding this salon through my good friend Cansu, I have finally found somewhere I feel comfortable and happy while working! I enjoy to get to know my clients and build a relationship with them and their hair!


Women's Stylist

Hi I'm Androulla, I started working at Cutting Bay in my early 20's, 10 years on and i'm still here! I enjoy talking with clients, getting to know them and their hair! All of our team get on well which allows us to create a happy environment for our clients to enjoy. 


Nail Technician

Hello I'm Mineko, I have worked here for over 5 years and I enjoy being part of the Cutting Bay team!